Event: Ban-Doh: Taiwanese Arts & Design Exhibition, 9-13 June 2010

The exhibition is brought to you by the FORMOSA team, founded by the University of the Arts London Taiwanese Society (UALTWS) and its alumni. The “Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA” exhibition has invited prominent professionals in the field of arts and design to examine and appraise more than 200 art works. They are Ellie Greig and Jane Trustram, curator and the head of graphic design of jotta and Rayne Perry, the president of the UAL Curation Society. And, together with fashion designers from the FORMOSA team and a Taiwanese curator based in London, they have selected 40 final products, created by 21 artists, whose creation have produced comparable culture flavour but each unique in its own right.

From: 9-13 June 2010
Opening Party :Wednesday 9th June 9pm - 12pm
Venue : Candid Arts Trust Gallery, 5 Torrens Street ,London EC1V 1NQ, UK

Ban-Doh ['ban'doh]
A traditional Taiwanese open feast of enriching culture, sumptuous food and heart-warming hospitality -
enjoy this visual banquet of the most cutting edge arts and design that Taiwan has to offer.

Featuring artists:
Chin Chang, Min-Tzu Chao, Pao-Han Chen, An-Li Chen,
Yao-Jen Chuang, Chiao Ling Fan, Yu-En Hsieh, Yen-Ting Hsu,
Ying-I Hsu, Chien-Ni Hung, Craig Kao, Ling-Ting Kao, Johan Ku,
Mei-Hui Liu, Chi-Heng Peng & Chin-Ying Lin, Jill HC Tsai,
Rosy Tsai, Pei-Chen Wu,  Michael Wu, Kenyon Yeh, Yosifu

Fine Art, Illustration, Sound Installation, Video Installation,
Fashion Design, Architecture, Industrial Design

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